Join us in empowering each & every student, even at the most remote Aegean island, to consciously take their once-in-a-lifetime decisions, by enjoying the TTP experiential journey. One classroom at a time.

1st (academic) year


public schools


conscious and well-informed students &  young adults


communities and universities

Problem statement

When young, we take our most critical academic and career decisions, randomly.

Our mission

TTP empowers today’s youth to consciously take their most critical once-in-a-lifetime decisions, ultimately  preparing them for the workplace of tomorrow.

How it works

Επίλεξε τι σε ενδιαφέρει
Διάλεξε μέντορα(ες)
Απόλαυσε την επικοινωνία
Pick an area of interest
Select your mentor(s)
Enjoy on-demand video communication with mentors of your choosing

Class in Crete

Who we are and who we are looking for

Changemaker educators
Techies passionate about education
University & High school students with a genuine interest in the art of learning
Retired educators & trainers who wish to share their experience

Grand Donor




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