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Following their Stories

A project by The Tipping Point with the support of the Hellenic Initiative Australia.

Stories of empowerment and change in the The Tipping Point program as told by the participants.

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The Tipping Point (TTP) is a non-profit organization aiming to empower students across Greece, regardless of their geographic region, economic and social status.

Our mentors support them to broaden their horizons, explore the professional landscape, and inspire them to follow their dreams.

With the support of The Hellenic Initiative Australia, The Tipping Point has been able to bring its program to regional schools across Greece. “Following their Stories” is a library of stories as told by people who witnessed themselves and their community transform and evolve day by day, through their journey at The Tipping Point.
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Participating in the TTP program has been a journey for many students across Greece. Aiming to find our own story, we embarked on a journey of finding their stories and seeing the TTP program through the participants' eyes.

Students and graduates of schools of Kastellorizo, Moudros, Kalamata, Platanias and Kos opened up about their experience in The Tipping Point’ s program, recalling their favorite moments and conversations, and the impact the mentors had in their lives, as well as their community.
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About TTP

The Tipping Point (TTP) is an NGO aiming to empower today’s youth to enhance their consciousness, when they are called to make their once-in-a-lifetime decisions, ultimately preparing them for the workplace of tomorrow and to make learning more experiential, engaging and relevant to real life.

With the help of technology, students and teachers set the agenda of their meetings with professionals worldwide who interact with the students via live video and/or asynchronous video-responses.

Through a secure and structured digital environment, students on islands, in remote regional villages, marginalized urban areas or large cities, broaden their horizons and choices, receive answers to their questions from professionals worldwide - it could be doctors and farmers from a village nearby, or a NASA engineer from Florida - whom otherwise they could never meet.
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About THI Australia

The Hellenic Initiative Australia (THI Australia), is a non-profit organisation operating at a national level. Its mission is to bring together Greek Australians and philhellenes to contribute to the recovery and revitalisation of Greece.

By partnering with innovative non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Greece, THI Australia aims to implement programs that offer immediate relief, foster social and economic benefits, and create a lasting positive impact on Greek society. Since 2015, THI Australia has dedicated more than $1.8 million to various projects and initiatives in Greece, collaborating with eleven inspiring partner NGOs. It has also provided $900,000 of in-kind support for the successful Australian Internship Program that has so far welcomed 26 Greek graduates to Australia.

These efforts primarily focus on four key areas: Health, Social Services, Education, and Employment Pathways. Starting in 2019, THI Australia started a collaboration with The Tipping Point, initially involving three pilot schools.

Over the years, the number of participating schools has expanded, thanks to tailored approaches designed for Greek Australian Associations and individuals interested in supporting schools in specific regions of Greece. Associations and individuals have provided support to schools located in different areas such as Kastellorizo, Crete, Kalamata, and Kos.
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