In the programme
Achieve Greece
students aged 12-16 develop soft skills and cultivate a more meaningful relationship with school.
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The problem

Students fail to develop the necessary soft skills and discover their interests when it comes to their professional future, for the reason that they are oftentimes overtaken by anxiety/fear over their exam performance.

The mission

Students redefine their relationship to school, develop soft skills and self-confidence, and prepare for the job market.

The program

In the Achieve Greece program, students, through informal learning activities:
Cooperate and apply the knowledge
they receive in practice
Ask questions
and receive answers from professionals of different specialties
Take initiative
and are at the center of the educational process
their personal interests and don't hesitate to express themselves

Program's modules

Skills for school
Students explore the concept of self-confidence, learn how to boost it and identify their strengths.
Stress management
Students are empowered by being exposed to practical ways of managing school stress and develop the skills they need to put them into practice.
Preparation for work
Presentation skills
Students discover the essential components of a successful presentation and put them into practice by creating their own.
Career planning
Students get to know themselves and their interests better, learn about skills, and acquire useful skills for the modern labour market, laying the foundations for their personal future success.

Educators' and students' testimonials

I participate in the implementation team of Achieve Greece because I think it is one of the most focused and modern educational programs dealing with developing life and soft skills. Our students have cultivated the ability to express themselves, developed their self-confidence and self-esteem, critical thinking and reflection, interaction and empathy, creativity, and flexibility, as well as the skill of organizing a schedule and managing time to solve problems.
Christaki Vera, Philologist


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About Achieve

Achieve is an educational programme that, with the support of Prince's Trust International, has been implemented in over 10 countries, each time adapted to the needs of each country. Overall, 90% of the participating students have improved at least one of their soft skills.

Achieve Greece is implemented in Greece, for the first time, by the Tipping Point organisation with the support of Prince's Trust International.
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