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Why did the project start?


Why did the project start?

The new educational reality that emerged due to COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted more than ever the usage of digital tools in the educational process. As the future of education is hybrid, and there’s no magic solution or a solution for everyone, the Youth Empowered of Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon and Tipping Point implemented the project “Let’s Get Digital HUB”, in order to support educators and students in the digital transition of their class.

The project

Best digital practises exchange took place within a large network of educators around Greece, from Alexandroupolis, Voukolies of Crete, to Chios and Ioannina. Educators asked questions on digital education and other educators from different schools answered asynchronously via 100’’ videos. In this way, a digital library of questions and answers was created.









Digital Library “Let’s Get Digital HUB”

Through the digital library of Let’s Get Digital HUB, you can find answers to questions you may have on digital education, and learn about best practices applied by your colleagues around Greece.
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The "Let's Get Digital HUB" project was implemented with the support of Youth Empowered of Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon.
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