Digital/soft skills in the age of GenerativeAI
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On 30 November 2022 the world changed.
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What are the goals of the program for both educators & students?

Learning how to use new technologies in practice.
Acknowledging the opportunities as well as the limitations and risks of new tools.
Showcasing the emerging professions and the way existing ones get to evolve.
Acquiring three soft skills that constitute the ingredients of the ability to ask better questions. Questions are now more important than answers.
Building a “healthy relationship” with the new capabilities. Identifying the synergies between Artificial (AI) & Human Intelligence (HI); neither fear, nor idealization.
A healthy relationship with current technological developments will allow students to not lag behind (digital equity) but more importantly to explore, experiment and innovate.

On a collective level, to win the bet, we must, by the time General AI arrives, not only have suspected the wave of upcoming changes, but to be able to seize the opportunities that will tag along. With the advancement of the existing Chat GPT technology it is estimated that soon, in the 2025-2030 time-frame, we will be closing in on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) levels, i.e. the ability of a machine to understand and learn any intellectual task that a human being can.

The more optimistic (or pessimistic?) predictions are that we will be there by 2027. In those few years between now and then, it is critical that we have a solid plan/ a national agenda for the GenAI upskilling of an entire generation. The degree of preparedness in relation to the pace of change is what will ultimately determine whether we will be left behind, as history marches on, or we will be amongst the countries that lead the way.

The themes in brief

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What changed on November 30th?
Who is affected and how soon?
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Human-machine Cooperation.
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Instructions and practical applications of AI in the classroom.
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Soft Skills & The role of curiosity and questioning.
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How are the labor market and the skills of tomorrow being shaped?
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Artificial Intelligence & Education: A new world is opening its doors. Opportunities, limitations and risks.


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